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Charles Matthew has 20 plus years’ experience in radio and television broadcast engineering. He is using his passion in those media, to showcase his passion for God, by sharing gospel music to the world from his native Caribbean roots. Born in Antigua and raised in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands he has been exposed to various Caribbean music styles. He was unaware of and unable to find gospel music easily in the Caribbean flavor which led to Charles wanting to share what he has found with others. He created the music show “Caribbean Praise” where he can now expose the rest of the world to the diversity in Caribbean gospel music. He also wants to use the show to encourage those artists who felt they didn’t have an avenue to get their music out to the world.

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Reviving his listeners unto rejoicing and dancing is what you would find Jason Lloyd, known as DJ Analyst on the 1s & 2s, doing on a Friday night. Growing up in the Caribbean exposed him to all genres of music and now he has found his place as the host of The Saved Zone gospel music mix show.. Being a disc jockey was something he always wanted to do but he believed God never allowed it until he recommitted his life and delighted in Him. Being a radio show host would be the catalyst used to establish him to showcase gospel music live on air for the Glory of God. The "Best Gospel Media Personality 2021" was awarded to Dj Analyst by Maranatha Awards USA was his first public recognition.

BroGrowth Radio is committed to bringing you the finest Gospel music from the Caribbean and the rest of the world. This station offers musical stylings from Gospel Jazz to Ultra Urban Gospel, Contemporary to Traditional Gospel, Gospelyspo, Reggae and caribbean music.adcasting morning devotion monday thrugh Friday

Perpetual Wednesday Worship withDr D Roy 3 Hours of Anointed Worship
Wednesdays - 8-11AM Central

The Gospel Joy Morning Show wiyh Dr D Roy 10AM - 12PM AST
The Show that bring God’s people togeth, Anointed Music, The Word & The Fellowship.

Delroy Lingo, AKA Delingo, has been involved in the gospel music fraternity for over 30 years. He was Road Manager for the Golden Touch Gospel Band for several years. Delingo then joined Life Production Company as Concert Manager, and Assistant Producer; a position that allowed him to work closely with local and international artists.

ColorfulPraiseExpression with Gawain “Garnet” Gibson

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I am a humble servant just want to be used by God. Once your being used by God, he will take care of all your needs.

I Am Jamaica Gospel Radio
God inspired a humble soul to create this gospel ministry to motivate God’s people to continue the journey with Christ Jesus and to pull the unsaved unto Christ; through testimonies, songs and the word of God.

Praying with you and for you as yoy face day to day trials

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Minister Davon Richards
Minister Davon Richards was born in the quiet rural community of Lime Tree in the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica.
Davon attended the Lowe River All-Age School (now Lowe River Junior High). After completion, he went on to Spalding Secondary School (now Spalding High School) where he majored in electrical installation. After graduation, Davon’s search for employment took him to Ensom City, Spanish Town.
In 1986, Davon migrated to the United States. This transition created an array of opportunities for him including in the field of music. Not long after, Davon began to explore and develop his musical skills and in 1989 became a Disc Jockey. Over time, a skilled Davon would begin to employ and expand into the dance-hall and the night-club scene.
The beauty of Carol Lindsay could not provide enough comfort without proposing marriage, which reaped success for him in April of 2002. On this special night he also revealed that he got saved at Trinity Faith Pentecostal Church in the Bronx, New York.
In June 2006, Davon joined the Radio Ministries as a Gospel Disc Jockey. His incredible talent and hard work in the music arena earned him several awards including Radio Station of the Year, Best Radio Ministry and Radio Personality of the Year.
With the growing fame, new ideas and the love of God, in 2008 Davon formed the Brother Davon Ministries (BDM Radio). As the CEO of this institution, he carefully navigates the many challenges with confidence and the support of the amazing people with whom he surrounds himself.
In May 2014 he was ordained as a minister of the gospel. With his deep faith in God and continued devotion, he continues to impact and change lives.

Caribbean Christian Broadcasting gives you a word from the word of God to build you up and straighten you.

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