Live Interview with Purge's


Start: 02/17/2024 08:30
End: 02/17/2024 09:30

In December 2023 the Purge family experienced something devastating

that will change their lives forever. The couple of 25 years was pregnant

with twins, boy and girl but on December 25, 2023 the Purge family

after giving birth, the unfortunate happened, both babies did not


“During our moments of crying and pain, shattered heart and confusion,

disappointments and a broken life, JESUS started ministering to me.”

Apostle Purge said.

Apostle Purge found himself constantly whistling, and then words

started flowing to match the tune that he was whistling. In their pain, the

Lord started comforting the Apostle Purge and Lady Angel with songs

after songs.

“The Lord started to give me songs in my dreams, while am in church,

on the plane and so many other ways.” The Purge family then realized

that something unusual was happening and began to record the moments

of divine intervention of melodies from God.